Tony Berry – Leicestershire

Tony had built his own pond in the main and just needed a couple of things doing to the pond itself and then the filtration system installing. Pond is around 3,500 gallons and has a large combi drum unit installed. Along with two large shower filters. The pond is also heated with an Air Source Heat Pump. Tony has a very well stocked pond and has fish ranging from 60cm up to nearly 95cm and they get very well fed so the filtration is key to keeping the water quality at an optimum to ensure the health of his koi is maintained. Tony also has a 2,000 gallon grow on pond which is running a similar filtration set up but on a slightly smaller scale.

  • 3,500 gallons
  • 3 x 4″ inlets to filtration
  • QK35 Combi drum
  • 2 x QK Maxi Showers
  • Duratech 7+ ASHP
  • 40w UV


  • Grow on pond
  • QK15 combi drum
  • Stainless steel custom made shower
  • 40w UV

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