Bespoke Koi and Japenese Ponds

Specialist in Japanese Koi Ponds.

From design to completion we offer a comprehensive service to provide top quality ponds and water features. 

From large koi ponds to lakes and natural ponds we can cover it all. 

Full Consultation and Design

Full consultation on builds and designs of ponds and koi ponds. 

With extensive knowledge of the best designs for ponds and filtration we can make sure your pond or water feature works as it should giving customer satisfaction and a great environment for fish to thrive.  

Specialist Filtration Design

Specialist filtration supply and installation packages.

Whether its a new pond build or an upgrade to an existing pond we can source and supply the best filtration on the market. The filtration is the heart of any pond and is often over looked and not thought about until after the pond has been constructed. At The Pond Pro this would be the first thing we would think about and make sure its right.  

Full maintenance programmes

Customizable maintenance packages.

Full maintenance packages or one off maintenance services can be arranged. 

Maintenance packages can be tailored to suit personal preferences. 

Official contractor for EZ Pond Ltd

Trusted contractor of EZ Pond ltd. 

Having worked closely with the team as EZ Ponds for some years now we can offer installation packages of filtration for your new EZ pond. Contact us or EZ Pond for more information on our services that we can provide. 

Fish health and water testing

Water testing and fish health checks.

We can carry out extensive water testing and also carry out fish health checks for anyone who is unsure of doing them themselves. 


All ponds are different and cost varied amounts. Contact us for more information 

All of the best energy efficient equipment is used on our ponds to try and keep running costs to a minimum.

Most of our ponds are fitted with modern filter technology which keeps maintenance to a minimum but still provides good water quality for the fish to remain healthy. Contact us if you require more information on these systems.

Although a large proportion of work is solely designing and building koi ponds we also specialize in many other types of water features including Japanese water gardens, fountains and water features, and natural ponds. 

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