Kibworth pond build

A very nice formal designed pond finished to a very high standard. Finished with high quality materials gives it a really classy look. Using custom cut granite coping stones and having the brick wall clad in cedar behind the pond really elevates the ponds quality and the customer is very happy.

This pond is only small in comparison to some ponds. A volume of only 1800 Gallons but is very nicely sized to suit the garden and its surroundings. A small combi drum unit with an Air Source Heat Pump unit keeping the pond heated and environment stable.

A very low maintenance pond that practically looks after itself. Fish settled in really nicely now and going from strength to strength.

  • QK15 combi unit
  • 40W submersible UV
  • 2 x 4″ feeds to filtration
  • 9Kw Thermotech ASHP
  • Auto top up system
  • QK Midi shower with 40kg CSM media

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